Sasural times – straight from the heart!!!

I hope I won’t be killed for writing this post by my in laws. For those who are still wondering, Sasural is a Hindi word for in-laws place. Having been married for more than 3 years, it has been ethereal journey so far . . .  I am blessed to have a lovely family (hope they have the same thoughts !!) Though I live far away from them, but they do visit us often.

Married to a chartered accountant who has seven siblings and he being the youngest one is not an easy battle to fight. But with time and experience you learn the tips and tricks of keeping few people happy. So I sharing the five awesome tips which worked for me :

  1. You can’t keep everyone happy – trust me, once you adopt this philosophy in your life, it’s all SORTED. Get to know your in-laws  to understand them better.
  2. Don’t over promise -Be brutal honest about your capabilities on how much and what all will you be able to contribute at home. When I was asked if I know certain fancy dishes, I used to say “No” to most of them and felt guilty that I don’t know enough cooking but I am happy that I never over promised and made a mess in my kitchen.
  3. Build on your signature dishes – Do some cooking and be good at at least 5 different dishes, trust me this will work. They won’t complain that their daughter in law doesn’t know any special dishes but they are going to cherish the time when you cook them.
  4. Have a hobby – Build on any hobby you like and spend time on it after you are done with household chores. I love reading books, and whenever I get time I spend time with them. My in laws are completely okay with it and even take interest in what am I reading and is it even worth sharing. They value me for investing my time in doing something fruitful.
  5. Have zero expectations – Don’t expect everyone to love you from the day one, it takes time to build on relationship. Especially in arranged marriages, there is too much of expectations from a girl to take care of everyone, in turn the girl would also expect (it’s a human nature). Take care of yourself, coz you are special & strong women.

That’t it and you will be sorted. Thank you for reading so far, if you agree or disagree, leave your comments in the comment box 🙂


Selfie with my Mother in law which was taken in Sep 2016


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