Being healthy – losing those extra inches!

Can’t believe that I am blogging about being healthy, but my dear readers don’t be afraid as I am not going to preach about eating salads if that’s what you are expecting here. 🙂

As I had mentioned in my blog “Triund trek” that I am on a higher side of the weighing scale and not very health conscious but adapting to few to new habits really changed the way I feel now. After a lot of requests from friends and colleagues I am sharing few tips and tricks which helped me to stay motivated in losing inches and being fit. So here are few tips and tricks which would might help you:

  • Changing few eating habits – I started with following 20 days of vitality diet which was recommended by a colleague. This is quite simple diet where you eat in moderation and quit certain food.
    • Begin with a heavy breakfast – I have curd and 2 chapattis, or boiled eggs, almonds and milk
    • Have atleast 2 fruits in a day (before lunch and post lunch)
    • For lunch have veggies, chapattis/small portion of rice
    • For dinner I only had veggies/pulses and one glass of milk
    • Along with this diet, I took out time for 30 mins where I used to go for interval jog (walk + jog combined) I used to cover 2.5km to 3km in this duration.

I also gave up on sugar and replaced it with honey or jaggery. I followed the above diet for 20 days and I felt the difference in my body.

  • Track the difference – I love to track how much weight have I lost, how many step counts have I completed in a day and how much distance have I covered. I spent around 2k to buy a Goqii band which is now a part of my daily routine. It not only helped me to track all of this but also gave an option to consult a nutritionist/health coach who is available 24hours. I am really happy using this fitness band and also using their services.
  • Find someone who is as motivated as you are – I found a colleague in my office who was equally motivated to make this change. In Jan this year we started using the gym for at least an hour. Having a friend around really keeps you motivated and someone who shares same health goal is a gem to have.
  • Invest on yourself – Once you see that you are quite regular in following healthy habits, invest in yourself. I bought new running shoes for myself which was not only comfortable but gave me a kick to be more regular and sincere with my health efforts.
  • Spreading the happiness – a lot of people in my team has now started following this and we now have a running group and a goal for each week. This has not only helped us to complete our goals but also inspires us when we look at our team mates doing so well and being fit & healthy.

Running the extra mile

I have lost few kilos and a lot of inches and I am very happy about it. I have taken this to a new level now, where I recently gifted my husband a running shoes on the eve of Valentine’s Day. Feels lucky to have a life partner who has also become my running partner.

Thank you for reading my blog, do like or comment in case you like it ! Thank you 🙂


4 thoughts on “Being healthy – losing those extra inches!

  1. Saurabh Singh says:

    Nice blog; I also follwed a similar routine with extra rigger on physical activities and lost around 8 kgs anfbmore than a few inches in one month last year.

    Will soon start with the same routine again

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Suchita says:

    Lovely sanchita…i also do the same…but i have not replaced sugar or stopped eating sweets…. I walk briskly daily for half an hour…


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