A tribute to my dearest Teacher – Rekha ma’am

Someone rightly said, “I may not be in your class today, but I am still your student”. Very few people in your life will stay there forever, and for most of us it would be either family or some friends, but I am glad and lucky to have my school teacher still in my life.

During my childhood days, my dad had a transferable job and we (my sister and I) changed 3 schools, and in the 3rd school, this is where I met her. I was in my 8th std , when I moved to this school and this change took a toll on my studies. My sister went for her higher studies, my mom also started her clinic and I started feeling aloof from everyone. That year I gave my worst performance in my class and my parents were super upset with me.

Rekha ma’am was my class teacher who used to teach us history & civics. She knew about my class performance but she never raised this with me. On the final day when we get our report cards, my mom was with me. Trust me, I still feel I would have flunked in this class, but by God’s grace I passed with average marks. When my mom met my teacher, my mom was in her usual self, complaining about me that I don’t study at all. To all of this, Rekha ma’am just replied, “When with so many changes in her school life she is able to attain average marks, I am sure she will reach great heights in her next class”. This moment was special, listening to this, somewhere I felt really motivated and happy that I have someone who trusts me and my capabilities.

This conversation has been a turning point in my life where I can’t thank her enough for believing me. In the later years, our paths crossed again in high school and she became my psychology teacher. Having her as my teacher again, nothing has ever made me so happy ever. There were moments we shared where we used to talk about the generation gap, career advises, and what not. Those two years in my high school has been special for me.

There was this day when my 12th results were being declared and in those days we didn’t have internet on our mobile phones, so I went to the cyber café with my dad to check my results. I had passed with flying colours and my dad was amazed to see this. He asked me if I would like to call mom to tell her my results, and I told him that I would like to first thank my dearest teacher who has been the supporting pillar in this journey.

People today brag about their friendship stories of how they have been together for several years, well, I have a teacher who has been there with me for more than 14 years who has not only been a part of my school days, but was also there to wish me when I was getting married!

You have not only been a teacher but a confidant and my best friend. We might not talk to each other every day but you are always in my heart. What would I do without your guidance and blessings, thank you for teaching me life important lessons.  Thank you for being who you are and you have no idea what you mean to me!

The below picture dates back to 2011, where I met her in Ashram, Bangalore.


My mentor and I


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