Log kya kahenge?

This one sentence in India has killed a lot of dreams, created a lot of drama and has led to endless debates. The usage of this line has been the highest among our parents. The effect of this line is so much that at least 70% of us before taking an important decision, do think about “Log kya kahenge” (what will the people say?). And this usage of the line doesn’t begin from the adulthood but since we have been kids.

Allow me to share some very common examples which a lot of us would relate to:

  • In school if you get less marks in your boards as compared to your best friend or cousin, you would have to listen to “log Kya kahengegiphy (3)
  • In case you took up science and you haven’t been able to crack either engineering or medical exams, and you decide to take a break for one year, you listen to this line again – log Kya kahenge
  • In case you took Humanities as your subject in 12th std, the pressure is even more!giphy (5)
  • You go for a party and you come home late night, your mom would be sure to say what if the neighbours saw you this late night partying, log kya kahenge!giphy (7)
  • When you decide to go for an intercaste marriage, the whole discussion about caste, society, family would start and would only revolve around “log kya kahenge”giphy (6)
  • When you are travelling and you want to post about it, suddenly someone would say why have you been posting so much about your travel, why do you have to make so many check ins? log kya kahenge!!
  • After marriage when you decide, you want to adopt a kid or you don’t want to have kids, you might again have to listen to “log kya kahengegiphy (4)
  • Working women coming late, not making 3 meals every day, all of this boils down to “log kya kahenge

Well I am no different, when I started writing even I had the similar kind of questions – how will I be perceived by the world, will I be judged, “log kya kahenge”. And this doesn’t surprise me because all of us have been grown up worrying what people will say and think.

Do let me know what you have to say about this topic. Thank you for reading!



2 thoughts on “Log kya kahenge?

  1. Kajal Singh says:

    Having been grown up in a typical Indian family, i always thought it’s really important to follow the
    rules of our society otherwise we will fall into the group of people who are condemned,
    but now when I have ability to perceive the world, i just feel our society is not worth it.

    Why they feel marriage should happen within same caste – most stupid logic even been invented!

    kids can’t be adopted because ‘we don’t know which community they belong to’. Well in my opinion, a person cant be more human if she is giving life to someone who has minimal hope whereas having own baby in a country of 1.2 billion population certainly does not make that person stand out from the crowd.

    Pressure to do good in exams, parents should just take a chill pill!

    It’s easy to say there is no difference between a girl and a guy but there is. It’s there in everybody’s mind.
    Why cooking is sole responsibility of a woman and the man of the house is not asked the same question.

    well i would say ‘kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kahna, chhoro bekaar ki baaton me…’
    Just let them f*** off….!!
    Thanks for writing it down, you are awesome 🙂 🙂

    – Kajal

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