Weaving her nest,

She had million dreams.

Wishing on falling stars,

But there was sorrow streams.

She wished to have her dreams come true

And her eyes fell on her daughter, and she asked her “Can you?”

Her little one replied saying yes!

Overjoyed and blessed, she started preparing her for success.

The little one was born wild and didn’t settle in a cage,

History was being written and praises followed her on every page.

Beaming with success, her loved ones stood tall,

She was being celebrated and adored by all.

She was in action with her full devotion,

The goals which were clear were now overcast with mixed emotions.

History repeated itself and she was being tied for flying too high,

She was confined and beaten till she could not fly.

Her world was crashing with no signs of hope,

But she had this little trick which helped her cope.

She found a friend in the estranged land,

Who untied her and cleared the wounds beneath her hand.

With all her energy, she rose again to fly

And promised the world, that nothing is going to break her down till she dies.

– Sanchita Singh


One of my amateur painting


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